Are There Bears In Yellowstone?

Are there bears in Yellowstone National Park? What species of bears inhabit Yellowstone Park? These are the questions that usually arise in tourists’ minds when they think of visiting. Well, here are the answers to all such queries.

Yellowstone National Park has been a great attraction for the ones who love adventure and thrill in their tours. The reason not only includes the variant wild beauty of the geothermal geysers of Yellowstone but also the existence of different ecosystems that support diverse wildlife.

There are favorable conditions in the zone that can accommodate wild animals, but our question is still there_ are there bears in Yellowstone? And the answer is, yes. The vast Yellowstone ecosystem and north-west Montana are the habitats for the species of bears.

Species of bears

Bears have three species_ polar bears, black bears, and grizzly or brown bears. Out of these species, two are found in Yellowstone National Park. The black bears and the grizzly bears find the ecosystem of Yellowstone National Park best suited for their incarnation. The grizzly bears are the largest and most intimidating. They have large muscle mass and show aggressive behavior.

Despite the ferocity of the grizzly bears, they are the most popular reason to attract tourists towards Yellowstone.

Bear population

By 2017, the estimated population of grizzly or brown bears in the Yellowstone ecosystem was 718, and the predictable population of black bears was 575. The average life span of grizzly bears is 22 years, and black bears can live up to the age of 17 years. Yellowstone ecosystem provides a healthy environment and sufficient food sources to both the species of bears.

Eating habits

Both the species are omnivores, but 90% of the diet consists of foliage. Cutthroat trout of Yellowstone is the largest source of digestible energy for black bears and grizzly bears in the early-summer and late-spring, as trout has significant lipid and protein content.

When to find grizzlies?

Early in the morning, late in the afternoon and at night is the best time to see grizzlies. Yellowstone Lake, Fishing Bridge, Hayden and Lamar Valleys, Swan Lake Flats, and the East Entrance are the best viewing places. You can find them in mid-summer close to the hills of Tower – Roosevelt and the valleys of Hayden and Lamar.

If the viciousness of bears attracts you, then this place can be your dream destination for this desire to come true.

However, you should be aware that bears are potentially precarious. There are specific rules and regulations set by the park faculty to protect you from any severe perils. The basic rule is to stay 100 yards away from bears to avoid bear-attacks. Moreover, you are not allowed to feed wild animals of parks, including bears.

Are there bears in Yellowstone? This perplexity of yours must be resolved now. Bears are the major attraction for visitors in Yellowstone, and now you know that bears are fond of summers and trout.